Elupe is an Iteso word meaning "Clay". The metaphor of clay means creating something from nothing. Elupe House of Comics and Animation – A house of young talented artists and illustrators with a vision to make use of their gifts for the betterment of society. With the studio premises based in Ggaba, the team of local artists is dedicated to promoting the African culture while educating children and adults through comics and animation.

Elupe is a very young company (established on the 1st of January 2016) that has built some impressive strength’s while looking forward to new opportunities. It’s a passionate team with a growing number of followers on social media (currently at 2000+).


To be the best and highly sought-after comic & animation studio in Uganda and the continent at large while achieving our Company’s vision.


To teach, spread and maintain Africa’s cultural norms reviving its disappearing glory through comic books and animation.